Revocent Inc is a Silicon Valley based company specializing in PKI solutions for Certificate Automation. Its CertAccord Enterprise product integrates Linux with Microsoft PKI in small to large enterprises environments. Revocent was founded by two industry veterans with over 50 years of experience.



Thales is the world-wide leader in Hardware Security Modules (HSM) to generate and secure cryptographic security keys. PKI Solutions designs and build secure PKI environments which often includes HSMs to protect vital keys for servers and issuing authorities.








The SafeNet line of Hardware Security Modules offer an alternate key generation and storage process from Thales. Thales and SafeNet/Gemalto have represented the two primary HSM providers in the world. Thales recently announced plans to acquire Gemalto, including the former SafeNet product line.


PKI Solutions is a proud sponsor and member of CyberOregon. The Oregon Cybersecurity Advisory Council was established under Senate Bill 90, signed by Governor Kate Brown on September 19, 2017, to develop a shared vision for the establishment of a cross-sector Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, in collaboration with Oregon’s cyber-related industries, private sector security practitioners, educational institutions, law enforcement and local governments.

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