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PKI Solutions Inc. Bring Your Own Devices – Mobile Management

Allow freedom, but don’t compromise security with BYOD

One of the biggest security hurdles in the enterprise today is managing and securing the countless personal mobile devices employees bring to the office. There’s the issue of making sure these devices are secure enough for use in your organization and then integrating them with a wireless authentication or VPN infrastructure. A properly designed PKI environment is needed to support devices that are not part of the typical managed enterprise.

We can work with you to design a PKI for these mobile devices as well as integrate with management products such as Airwatch and MobileIron. With the right PKI environment, your mobile devices and non-Active Directory integrated computers can be securely enrolled and managed within your enterprise.

Newer solutions such as Microsoft Intune offer platform independent management solutions, while also enabling you to leverage your existing Microsoft infrastructure. Intune is the only MDM solution that has improved the creation and issuance of device certificate identities by ensuring private keys are created and stored only on individual devices. MobileIron and Airwatch both create keys and provision devices centrally and then distribute the keys and identities to devices. PKI Solutions was commissioned by Microsoft to create the official whitepaper on securing and implementing Intune and Microsoft ADCS. You can find the whitepaper here.

We can help you ensure your organization’s security standards are maintained, regardless of the BYOD set-up that enters the workplace environment.

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