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Bring Your Own Devices – Mobile Management

PKI Solutions Inc. Bring Your Own Devices – Mobile Management

One of the biggest security hurdles in the enterprise today is managing and securing a plethora of personal mobile devices. How do you ensure these devices are secure and able to participate in your organization safely? How do you integrate them with your Wireless authentication or VPN infrastructure? A properly designed PKI environment is needed to support these clients which are not part of the typical managed enterprise.

We can work with you to design a PKI that can be leveraged by these mobile devices as well as integrate with management products such as Airwatch and MobileIron. With a properly designed PKI environment, your mobile devices and non-Active Directory integrated computers can be securely enrolled and managed with-in your enterprise.

Don’t compromise the integrity of your organization, let us help you raise the bar and ensure Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) meet your security standards!

“Through 2014, employee-owned devices will be compromised by malware at more than double the rate of corporate-owned devices.” – Gartner Research

Learn more about Gartner Research’s assessment on BYOD and the impact on your environment.

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