Internet of Things (IoT) Security and Identities

PKI Solutions Inc. Internet of Things (IoT) Security and Identities

Increasingly the world of connected devices, systems and intelligent components are entering the market. Protecting your customer environments and your own brand reputation against fraudulent access, information disclosure and rogue activity is an important element in your product design. Cloud data and central control requirements mean you need to ensure your devices are genuinely communicating with a trusted device and using industry encryption protection techniques. It is your reputation and your customers expectation that you are protecting their sensitive data and communication in an increasingly open and connected world.

Our unique expertise in architecting solutions to meet not only your needs today, but also guiding you down the lifecycle of your product is our value add to your project. Our designs help you ensure your devices can be maintained in use for 10, 20, 30, 40 or even 100 years. Ensure your identities and encryption will work across product revisions, lifecycles and new offerings by investing in a secure identity infrastructure today.

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