Linux Certificate Enrollment and Management with CertAccord

PKI Solutions Inc. Linux Certificate Enrollment and Management with CertAccord

PKI Solutions is proud to announce our founding partnership with Revocent, Inc. to develop and market a unique certificate enrollment and management solution. Designed to compliment your existing Microsoft PKI environment by extending trust, enrollment and automatic renewal for Linux computers.



CertAccord© Enterprise by Revocent, Inc. extends certificate enrollment, renewal and trust of your PKI certificate authority to computers running Linux, MacOS, and UNIX. It automates the trust, enrollment and renewal of x.509 certificates. CertAccord eliminates the manual process of requesting, installing and renewing certificates which provides you with reduced IT labor costs, reduced errors, elimination of missed renewals and improved security through consistent policy implementation. 

Certificates can be automatically enrolled by registered computers from the CertAccord Enterprise Management Console. Alternatively, the computer administrator of an end-node can request a certificate using a simple command line interface (CLI) without knowing how to create a keypair, generate a certificate request or know how to translate difficult-to-understand enrollment templates, formats and attribute requirements.


Major Features

  • Automates certificate creation and installation

  • Create enrollment policies and automate client enrollment from the CertAccord web management console

  • Request certificates via simple command line on end-nodes without being a PKI genius

  • Automatically renew and install certificates without human intervention

  • Easily installs into existing Microsoft CA environments in minutes

  • Web-based management console works with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.


Visit Revocent for more details.

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