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Microsoft just released their official statement and support for Certificate Transparency. I will be writing a full article covering this update as there are several key areas that are lacking in the Microsoft documentation. So in the interest of spreading the word on the official announcement, here is the link:


Issues that need to be addressed in my blog post are questions about:

  1. What update/fix is needed on your server to support this fix
  2. What tools or can be used to execute the portions of this fix that Microsoft has not included
  3. Step by Step process for placing the CT extension in an issued certificate.
  4. Implications for existing CMS products (Venafi, CMS, etc)
  5. Timeline for implementation and enforcement

Check back soon for the full details and implementation guidelines.

Author: Mark B. Cooper (The PKI Guy)

President & Founder at PKI Solutions, Leading PKI Cybersecurity Subject Matter Expert, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Microsoft Certified Master.

  • March 26, 2018

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