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Consulting, training and best practice assessments for Microsoft Certificate Services based Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). Our best-of-breed expertise and proprietary software solutions will ensure you have the right PKI for your enterprise security and management needs.

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PKI Design and Implementation Consulting

PKI Solutions can provide you the expertise you need to ensure your environment will not only meet your needs today, but is properly designed for your needs down the road. No one wants to tear out a core piece of their identity solution because a security consideration was overlooked.

Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services Training

Courses focus on building knowledge and skills with all features of Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS). There is a strong emphasis on security, best practices, and hands-on skills labs.

Certificate Services Best Practice Reviews

Whether you deployed the PKI or you engaged another company, the ADCS Best Practice Review can provide you with the knowledge and assurance that it was done right. PKI environments are notorious for hiding problems until it’s too late and the solution is placed into production.

Internet of Things (IoT) Security

Securing and protecting IoT devices with identities and encryption protected by x509 PKI certificates. Careful planning, architecture and implementation can ensure your devices will protect your customers as well as your brand and reputation.

Secure Mobile Device Management

One of the biggest security hurdles in the enterprise today is managing and securing a plethora of personal mobile devices. How do you ensure these devices are secure and able to participate in your organization safely? How do you integrate them with your Wireless authentication or VPN infrastructure? A properly designed PKI environment is needed to support these clients which are not part of the typical managed enterprise.

Hardware Security Modules (HSM)

The key to properly protecting your PKI environment is carefully designed procedures and policies. But how do you enforce them consistently? The integrity and assurance level of the PKI depends on ensuring organization procedures are followed at all times. Hardware Security Modules (HSM) are available from a number of manufacturers and are leveraged in a PKI to enforce defined procedures.

Certificate Policies and Practices Statements

Ensuring your PKI is properly designed and secured is a critical element in protecting your environment. The creation and implementation of a Certificate Policy and Practice Statement should be developed using best practices and real-world expertise.

Meet Mark B. Cooper

Mark B. Cooper, President & Founder of PKI Solutions Inc., is a former Microsoft Senior Engineer and subject matter expert for Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS).

Mark B. Cooper - "The PKI Guy"

Mark B. Cooper,President & Founder of PKI Solutions Inc., is a former Microsoft Senior Engineer and subject matter expert for Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS). He is also the author of several Microsoft whitepapers, including the specifications and deployment of ADCS on Microsoft Windows Failover Clusters and Securing and Hardening Network Device Enrollment Service for Microsoft Intune and System Center Configuration Manager

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2018 Training Class Schedule

It’s here, the 2018 PKI Training schedule is now live and accepting registrations. There are three In-Depth classes and three Advanced PKI classes split between the US and Europe. Be sure to check out the schedule and register early as classes usually sell-out in advance.


Book Recommendation – Hacking the Hacker (Roger Grimes)

A good friend of mine I met while at Microsoft just had one of his books released. Roger is a Security Columnist for InfoWorld and is a pretty dang sharp guy. His new book, Hacking the Hacker has some good information in many different areas

Training Classes

PKI Solutions Announces Training Scholarships for PDX Cyber Camp 2017

I am pleased to announce that in partnership with the PDX Cyber Camp, PKI Solutions has created a scholarship for 3 young students attending the PDX Cyber Camp to attend one of my PKI In-Depth training classes this year. This will be a great way to

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